About Me

I play & make games since Doom.

  • It all started with the Doom level-editor, next was the Half-Life editor. I built Case-Closed and other levels.
  • It got me a job at Guerrilla to work on the killzone games.
  • I switched to Flash, I worked at Netlog on online multiplayer games.
  • I started making (mobile) games with Unity
  • I'm now working on my own game: Revolve
  • I'm also available for freelance work.

This is what I use to make games:

  • Unity
  • HTML5/canvas/JS
  • I even know PHP to put stuff in a database
Projects I worked on

Killzone Liberation

Level Design & Scripting



Unity Development & Game Design

Case Closed

Level Design

Lego Star Wars Force Builder

Unity Development


Want to say hello? Need some work done? Want to buy me a beer? Just let me know on, call me (+32 486/60 62 86) or use this form: